Next Tournament: August 16-18

World Team Tennis
East Ridge Country Club
Join us for an exciting weekend including Team Tennis of Men's and Women's Singles, with Men's, Women's, and Mixed Doubles.  TOO HOT?? World Team Tennis rules allow you to substitute in during the middle of a set, middle of a game, or multiple times in one set...

Each match consists of head to head team competition including 5 sets. Teams will complete with a Men's Singles SET, Women's singles SET, then 3 doubles SETS of Men's, Women's, and Mixed Doubles. The winner will be determined by the team winning the most GAMES in those 5 SETS. Tiebreaker with games tied is best 3 of 5 SETS.

$40 per person. Fee Covers Court Fees, Tournament Draws, Tennis Balls, Dry fit ATLAS Shirt, and Beverages, including BEER.

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